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Bob Olmstead

Unconventional Coaching & Training For Forward Thinking Humans

Bring Your Ideas To Life

Creators need to create. Entrepreneurial creators. Artistic creators. Social enterprise creators. Others. But how to do that? I help creative entrepreneurs break down walls, claim their voice, strengthen their leadership, and elevate their capacity to innovate. It's the kind of experience that will impact every area of your life. Your journey begins ...

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Director/Producer, Teacher, Coach, Podcaster, Bourbon Drinker, Rogue, Star Wars Geek

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Are You Ready To Find The Magic?

But what does that mean? Simply put, it's feeling FULLY engaged and alive. The experiences that fuel that STATE OF BEING. Living, leading, and creating in a way that truly feeds and inspires you.

It's bringing your ideas to life. A tiny spark that becomes a curiosity. And then a business. A film or a play. A social enterprise. Or a non-profit that changes the world.

It's the creative process that invigorates you and gives your life meaning. Claiming your voice. Boldly walking your own path.

My job is to help you find THE MAGIC that is unique to you alone.

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Bob Olmstead

Three Traits Of Highly Creative Entrepreneurs

Master Class

The common thread to highly creative entrepreneurs? Thriving artists? Exceptional parents? Legendary innovators? Successful social entrepreneurs? They all share three specific traits

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