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Creators Of Inspiration & Awareness

Authors, Artists, & Filmmakers who have something to say to the world. 

Creators Of Community & Change

Brands, Nonprofits, & Social Entrepreneurs driven to make the world a better place.

Creators Of Healing & Wellness

Therapists, Coaches, and Health & Wellness Retailers moved to make a difference. 

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

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Bob Olmstead Life Coach Austin Texas

Are you engaged in meaningful work that energizes you? Have you broken free from the status quo?

Finding the magic as a Creator comes down to two things: energy and meaning. This is true of all people but it’s especially true with creators. A creative life that feeds you will energize you.

But how to make that happen? What’s getting in the way?

The Status Quo. Until you break free, you’ll remain stuck in other people’s hallucinations. You don’t need their truth, you need your truth, your voice. That’s the path that will set you free. 

Three Indicators That You're Stuck

austin texas coaching


Your demons are pounding on the door. What if one gets loose? That CAN’T happen! Then your self-doubt kicks in with vivid reminders of your failures and flaws. What if you’re an imposter? The noise is exhausting. 

austin texas coaching


You’re talented. People compliment your work. They hire you. But you never get to the point where everything just works. Some problems never get fixed. It’s as though the world is speaking a language you’ll never understand.

austin texas coaching


Your creative work rocks! But why does it rock? Honestly, you don’t know. You kinda get what your value and talent is all about. But not enough to break through to the next level. The lack of clarity and progress can be maddening!

Does any of this sound familar? The important thing to understand is this ... you're not alone.

Every one of your creative heroes have struggled with the same things! The issue is never about “becoming” something. It’s always about accepting who you REALLY are and growing forward from there. Fully embracing your humanity while unlocking your voice and potential. 

The Maestro Coaching Process

Story Coach


Our first phase together does a deep dive into your story. And that’s about a whole lot more than your origin story! We’ll look at your risk narratives, the stories you tell yourself, and the lessons you’ve learned.  We wrap things up by turning your discoveries into a Wisdom Statement, a process that gets to the essence of what you bring to the world.

Life Coach Energy Meaning


Our second phase focuses on the things that bring energy and meaning to your life. It’s a close look at the moments that feed your core being. When do you feel deeply connected? When do you feel fully alive? It’s a priorities and focus workshop on steroids. And when we’re done, you’ll be clear on what makes life worth living.

Coach Intention Mindfulness


Our third phase will help you transform the things that define and feed you into purpose-driven action. As you learn to habitually live, lead, and create from a place of intention, the quality of your life soars. The reason for this is simple. Living from a place intention brings more of the things that feed you into your daily life. 

Coach Risk Taking


In the first three phases, we focused on foundation building. It’s time to kick things up a notch! In phase four,  you claim your voice. A bold voice anchored upon your truth. Which goes beyond personal branding. This phase is about determining your message to the world and communicating that message, in an authentic, compelling way.

Coach Experience Design


You now have a strong foundation and a bold message. In phase five, we handcraft the experiences that will bring your message to life. While this phase will certainly help your brand, it’s not just about branding. The priority is creating dynamic brand experiences that connect. Get good at that and everything changes.

reconciliation coach


The person most likely to sabotage your success is you! How to stop getting in your own way? In our final phase, we zero in on developing two high-impact habits: honoring your brokenness and staying anchored no matter the storm. As you learn to effectively engage with daily life, you stop sabotaging your success. 

To call Bob our superhero is an understatement. His “Jedi” senses are
wickedly accurate. With his guidance, we now offer the kind of
customer experience that used to live only in our dreams.

Coach Health Food Industry

Jody & Sunday Muniz
Nutritional Designs 

Health Food Store

Bob did an amazing job of rapidly getting to our challenges. The
result of our first meeting was the focus and inspiration that
would motivate and fuel everything we do. I couldn’t recommend
working with him enough. 

Coach Black Box Theater

Karim Badr
The Hideout Theater

Black Box Theater & School

The Maestro Coaching Experience

best coach austin

It’s not about a guru holding you accountable, it’s about a shared experience that will impact all areas of your life. 

best business coach austin

It’s the story you have yet to tell. It’s the wisdom you have yet to share. It’s the Bucket List you have yet to do. 

best creative coach austin

It’s finding your authentic voice: personally, professionally, and creatively. And it’s owning that voice without apology. 

best life coach austin

It’s unleashing the full might of your creative process. Whatever that may look like. Wherever that may take you.

best life coach austin

It’s looking directly into the face of your brokenness and saying– I’m here. Let’s work this out together.  

Coaching Program Includes

(2) Monthly Coaching Calls 
Sixty to ninety minutes

(2-4) Monthly Worksheets
Deep dive learning & growth

(0-2) Monthly Field Exercises
Making it real by going public

Ongoing Online Collaboration
To sustain support & progress

(15) Minute Triage Calls
For true emergencies only

best coaching for creative professionals USA

Standard Coaching Program

$475 A Month (or) $1,200 a quarter to save $225 

Two (60) minute coaching sessions per month.

Fast Track Coaching Program

$950 A Month (or) $2,400 a quarter to save $450

Two (90) minute coaching sessions per month.

Bob seems to “get” human behavior, which makes it safer to deal
with the down and dirty stuff that creates road blocks. It was his
ability to take me, as a frustrated “worker bee”, and move me into
my role as an “owner” that has made the difference.

Business Coaching For Therapists

Dr. Allison Chase
Eating Recovery Center


Bob knows how creative minds think, and he knows the ins and
outs of business. I am a very passionate driven being and I am
known to jump from one thing to another on raw passion. Bob
was able to quickly reel me in, point it out and sort it out.
I am grateful for Bob’s coaching.

Business Coaching For Social Entrepreneurs

Karim Currey
Gifted Multimedia

Social Entrepreneur

Personal Branding Authors

Maestro Coaching Takeaways

  • Judgement free support when dealing with your demons and self doubt.
  • Improved clarity on the wisdom, talent, and magic that you bring to the world.
  • Greater understanding on the roles “meaning & energy” play in your life.
  • A strong and independent voice that has broken free from the status quo.
  • More confidence and greater authority as a Creator, resulting in better projects.
  • Epic Personal Leadership skills that will help you effectively create & connect.
  • A coaching experience that will have lasting impact in all areas of your life.
  • Feeling truly seen and heard as a human being and Creator.

Frequently Asked Questions

(60) minute coaching sessions? Do they work? 

Your first session with me will be (90) minutes long, no matter what program you signed up for. That said, (60) minute sessions are more than enough time for any Creator doing under 400K a year in annual sales. 

Online collaboration– how does that work?

I currently use Glip for online collaboration. I use Glip’s chat channel to check in on you and to see how you’re progressing. Glip is also used toorganize our work, share files, and for me to give you targeted feedback on projects we are working on. 

ife Coach For Authors

How long does it take to complete the program?

That varies greatly based on any number of factors. The range is (6-18) months, with the average being about nine months. 

Do I have to sign any contracts?

Yes, I have a standard Letter Of Agreement that must be signed to engage my services. That said, my LOA will not obligate you (financially) to pay for the full term of my program. That’s not how I do business. 

What happens if we’re not a fit? 

There are two reasons I offer a free Rapid Clarity Call. First, to give you chance to benefit from my expertise free of charge. The second is to determine if we are a good fit. Personality issues popping up after engaging me are extremely rare.

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