The Creators Manifesto

It’s about the moments.

Unforgettable moments that break through the armor.

So you obsesss on crafting perfection because that’s what it takes.

You create the moments that rise above the noise.

But your superpowers, they come from a different place …

Find the magic that makes the connection.

What Takes Your Breath Away?

The first time you held your child. An incredible meal with friends. The epic battle scenes in Cirque du Soleil’s – Ka. Anne Hathaway singing, “I Dreamed A Dream”, from Les Miserable. A sunset stroll on a beach. Words of wisdom that stop time. Someone having your back during your darkest hour. 

What Touches Your Soul?

Sharing a profound moment with another human being. Adopting a stray and nursing it back to health. Beating impossible odds. Someone asking for your hand in marriage. Bringing your art to life. Risking it all for passions that cannot be denied. The healing you offer and the healing you find. 

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.

As an author or activist brand, as an artist or social innovator; you have things to say. But there is a price to be paid …

Break Free From
The Status Quo

Live Your Truth

Whatever that looks like. You get to be you. The good, the bad, and everything in between. Own your story without apology. Be real. Embrace your imperfections. Let your true voice be heard. 

Stretch Your Wings

Take some risks. Break some rules. Blaze new trails. Sure, you’ll make a mess of things, but what better way to live and learn?! Your true potential will be found off the beaten path. Become the ever curious, maverick Creator.

Honor Your Brokenness

Acknowledge the baggage that still gets in the way. Own your fears and insecurities.  Own your crazy because we all got it. Allow yourself to be human. Stop pretending. Feel the feels. Redemption. Creating stuff. Life is a collaborative process. 

Renew Your Connection

To yourself. To those you love. To life. To your work. To the things that feed you. Be fully present for each moment. Drop the armor. Let life in. Live & create as a fully engaged and authentic being. 

A Manifesto For Creatives Artists & Authors

Do The Work That
Feeds You

Get Energized

Improv teacher Roy Janik calls it following the heat. It’s not a forced thing, it’s an organic thing. Do the work that sets you on fire. Double down on your Sweet Spot. Work to thrive. Make that the minimum standard.

Seek Meaning

When we feel deeply moved by the work we’re doing, we transcened our traditional limitations. Our work takes on a life of it’s own. It becomes bigger than us and thus changes us. We become more. Our craft grows. 

Unleash Your Process

Identify the process that consistently delivers your very best work. An approach that deeply feeds you while keeping you focused and on track. Then protect that process with everything you got. 

The chief enemy of creativity is "good" sense.

Stop seeking approval and/or permission.

 Judge your work as worthy of audacious expression. 

Your job is to show up. Your job is to honor your craft.

Follow the path that is yours alone and trust, there is a reason you are doing this work.  

You are a Creator with important things to say. 

The greatest advantage to having Bob in your life is that he calls bullshit on you in the kindest of ways when you get distracted from your path. Think about the list of people in YOUR life that can offer you that clarity-and truly with your very best intentions at heart.

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