What Kind Of Moments Do You Specialize In?

What Kind Of Moments Do You Specialize In? If you own a business, social enterprise, or a creative practice, you specialize in moments. If you're a therapist, a yoga instructor, a personal trainer, or a fire fighter, you specialize in moments.The ER doc that saves lives while offering a comforting hand. The parents that refuse to rush…

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Passion, Purpose & Meaning

Passion, Purpose, & Meaning Having passion in your life is important. It serves an important purpose. But that is vastly different than being a passionate person. The common assumption is that passion always burns hot. Right? It’s about charisma. Getting fired up!That is simply not the case. True passion is about the things that define and guide you.…

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(3) Things You Can Learn From Rock Star Creatives

(3) Things You Can Learn From Rock Star Creatives The one thing that all highly creative entrepreneurs, artists, professionals have in common is steadfast resolve. That's the hallmark quality they all share. No matter what, creative rock stars have that one quality in common.J.K. Rowling. Massimo Bottura. Steve Jobs. Many others.But to what end? There is much…

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Create Space To Break Free

Create Space To Break Free When the storms rage the loudest ... create space. When the demands are the greatest ... create space. When hope turns to darkness ... create space. For in that well-crafted space, you will find the answers you seek.The hustle and bustle of daily life will silence you. Choose to be heard. Choose…

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Why Am I Broken?

Why Am I Broken? We all struggle with the fact we are imperfect human beings. That we're flawed. We struggle with that truth on a rather deep level. Thing is, everyone is broken. Even our heroes. No one is immune.To calmly walk with our imperfection is to find peace of mind.We assume that we're honest storytellers when it…

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Kuyashii & The Energy To Succeed

Kuyashii & The Energy To Succeed Kuyashii … a Japanese word/concept, meaning, to use the words of doubters as energy to succeed. Self-doubt, well-meaning naysayers, beating impossible odds; the trifecta that seeks to squash your dreams.Don't you dare let them! Learn The Art Of Perseverance ...Kuyashii!!One of the most critical voices you will ever face is the…

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