Describe The Wildfire That Feeds Your Soul

Bob Olmstead
March 30, 2019

What does feeling fully alive look like to you? I’m not talking about temporary highs like a great party or great sex. I’m talking about life choices, creative choices, business choices that set you on fire.

What do those look like?

Describe the wildfire that feeds your soul. Those moments when your truth, the things that feed you, perfectly align and act as one. Some call it The Zone. I call it a Zen State Of Flow.

You’re not chasing anything. You’re not forcing anything. It just is. The good. The not so good. It just is. You’re imperfectly the best version of yourself. You’re imperfectly awesome.

What, specifically, takes you to that place? Codify the recipe.

Time passes.

You observe. You document. You get clear on what energizes you and what drains you. You get clear on what feels meaningful and what feels mindless.

More time passes.

You start making better choices. Your changemaker brand gains steam.

Then it hits you.

You’re making a difference, far more so than you ever thought possible. And you’re doing that as a hot mess of a brilliant being. The truth of it all brings you to your knees.

Who am I to have all of this?

Moment one. Age sixteen.
I hunted down aluminum cans to trade for cash. I needed to survive.

Moment two. Age forty-six.
I’m a $250 an hour consultant giving advice to lawyers, politicians, and CEOs.

Guess what the two moments have in common?

Neither fed my fire.

I needed to survive, so I sold aluminum cans. I craved success, so I got good at giving advice. I’m proud of my work as a consultant. I met a lot of good people. But I was a zombie and had no clue!

It took me a long time to wake up.

Even longer to get comfortable in my own skin.

Do your daily choices energize you and fill your life with meaning? Or do they drain you and leave you for dead? Temporary highs or permanent peace?

We are our choices. That’s life.

As I noted in my last post, to live your truth is to embrace the soil from which you were made. To do both, to live your truth and feed your fire, is to elevate yourself to a whole new level of existence.

It’s true freedom.

Such a journey does not happen casually. It requires a pilgrimage, a soulful exploration of your Truth & Fire. Do that then chase your bliss and ignite your brand.

Why wait?

Because anything less than a pilgrimage and you’re flying blind.

If you want to become a powerful voice for change, you need to get who you are, what you’re about, what feeds you. And your daily choices need to honor and reflect those realizations. Sorry, no hacks or workarounds.

Be you without apology. Practice audacious authenticity. Own your power. Elevate your voice. Survive less, transcend more. Feed the wildfire that feeds your soul.

In my next post, Brand Magic.

Be well,


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