Have I gone mad? I’m afraid so. You’re entirely Bonkers. But I will tell you a secret, all the best people are. | Alice In Wonderland 

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What PROFOUNDLY informs your life and work on a daily basis? To live your truth is to embrace at the deepest levels, who you are, what you’re about, and what you have to say to the world. It is a life changing shift of your mindset.

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How much energy, meaning, & creativity do you experience on a daily basis? Stay in the zones that serve you. Stay clear of the zones that enslave you. Learning to consistently feed your fire will impact every area of your life. 

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Truth & Fire bring to the surface your greatest passions and talents. Building a powerhouse brand around these things is a big deal. The ability to successfully do what you love feeds your soul & transforms your life.   


experiential learning

Audio recordings, selfie videos, photography, field trips, and other learning tools will bring your Truth, Fire, and Magic to life in extraordinary ways. It’s an experience you will never forget.

deep dive workbooks

Used in each expedition to explore the core DNA that fuels your Truth, Fire, and Magic. The insights & realizations that come from this work set the stage for your Breakthrough Experiences.

breakthrough experiences

Used in each expedition to help you significantly transcend your self-imposed limitations. By design, these experiences take you to a whole new level of awareness & skill.

coaching & consulting

Life coaching, creative coaching, and success coaching. Business development, brand strategy, and movement marketing. Experience design, online collaboration, and Triage sessions.

pocket tokens

Celebrating the human journey of soulful success is the heart & soul of The Maestro Program™ Upon completing an expedition, I’ll send you a letter and an engraved pocket token to commemorate your accomplishment.


the deep, inner work

A reverent exploration of the past, present, and future. Long ignored wounds honored & transformed. A renewed sense of purpose & direction. Your true self fully realized. 

personal growth

Greater awareness and clarity. A strong and independent voice. More energy, less drain. More boundaries, less drama. Owning your value in spite of your imperfections. Being full throttle you!

professional growth

Knowing your market from the inside-out. Business development. Monetization. Marketing & experience design. An authentic brand that is on fire and making a difference. 

a flourishing creative process

Total immersion in your craft. Less armor, more ideas. Fewer rules, better results. A newfound reverence for being an Artisan Of Impact. Tangible tools & techniques that elevate your process. 

a vibrant brand that people notice

The reality is, most people never do the deep inner work, necessary to crafting a strong brand. There are no hacks or shortcuts. You gotta do the work. Those that graduate from Maestro take with them an elite brand few will ever achieve. 


Your lifestyle feeds your passion. Your passion feeds your creativity. Your creativity feeds your business. Conquer it all with Maestro. We start with a few emails and if we click, the first hour (to better assess your needs) is on me. 


Bob helped me discover and claim who I am -- and why, at a deep level, I do what I do as an author, speaker, and coach. Plus, he made it fun. I'm far more equipped now to do the authentic, insightful work I want to do in the world. Thanks to Maestro, I have a North Star.
OP Tracy Testimonial Professional Creatives
Tracy Cutchlow
Award Winning Author/Speaker/Coach
Bob has the power to reach deep and find the defining truths of your life. When everything comes together, your real passions, the things that inspire, come front and center. The result is a profound sense of purpose and direction. In many ways, Maestro was an awakening!
OP Muniz Creative Business Testimonial Image
Jody & Sunday Muniz
Award Winning Retailers & Wellness Consultants
Bob knows how creative minds think, and he knows the ins and outs of business. I am a very passionate driven being and I am known to jump from one thing to another on raw passion. Bob was able to reel me in, point it out and sort it out. I am grateful for Bob’s coaching.
OP Karim Professional Creatives Testimonial Image
Karim Currey
Social Entrepreneur, Diversity Coach, Pastor & Creative
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