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(4) Indicators That You're Living Your Truth

As you write words with the time you’ve been given, what story are you trying to tell? And are you the writer? Here’s the thing. Life is too short and precious to allow someone else to write your story. So claim your voice!

Here are (4) indicators that you’re living your truth:

#1- you feel secure in your decisions. #2- you go to the beat of your own drum. #3- you trust your path. #4- you don’t settle in the areas that matter most. Meaning, you’re comfortable in your own skin.

What truths define who you are and how you live? How might you better go to the beat of your own drum? Be honest. Keep it simple. Don’t overthink your answers. You only got one life, live it true to who you really are.

It's your road and your road alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.

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