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Own Your Story In (5) Steps

Your story matters in spite of your imperfections. In spite of the voice in your head that may whisper otherwise. Your words, the narrative that is your life, the highs and lows, all of it matters.

Own your story. Get comfortable in your own skin. Here are (5) steps to help you get started.

Document the little things that define your story. Document the big events that have shaped your life and worldview. Document the choices you’ve made and the impact those choices had in your life.

Document the lessons learned along the way. And finally, document the end result. Who have you become? The good. The not so good. When all is said and done, you did you become?

By owning your story, you let go of the obligation to be someone that you're not. You get to be you. Always. That's it and that's enough. And, to be honest, that's all there is. Right?

All that we have in this life is who we really are. So who are you? Truly? Really? There is a profound peace that comes from simply walking with our truth. Sure, that includes many things. But first and foremost, it requires owning our story.

Owning our stories … the only options are owning them, or orphaning them

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