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creatives, freelancers, micro-entrepreneurs, pirates

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any organization with (4) or more staff, 250K - 20M

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Brand Audacity: Does your brand boldly proclaim or politely whisper? Does your message have a powerful and clear voice? Are you saying something of value or are you just talking? 

Brand Relevancy: Are you elevating your authority as a brand? Have you become a thought leader? Are you transcending tradition? Is your marketing Digital Age competitive? 

Brand Engagement: Are you offering the kind of experiences that people can’t stop talking about? Are you inspiring meaningful conversations? Do you have a social impact? 

Bob has turned our brand from a mom & pop feel to a far more professional and serious company. The thought leadership component of our brand is growing and is the most fun thing we are doing right now. It forced us to get outside of our comfort zones and realize that we have a lot to offer. Our voice as a brand has never been stronger!
A Chase Branding Consultant Austin TX
Alexis Chase
Co-Owner Executive Recruiting Firm
Bob’s methods push you to be better, there is no more scratching the surface , there is only mindful, well thought out decisions to be great. Bob always encourages you to be more well-rounded in work and life balance , and he challenges you to scale your business so that it fuels the life you envision for yourself and your family .
Success Coach Austin TX
Michael Chase
Co-Owner Executive Recruiting Firm
Brand Strategy Fort Wayne
Bob Olmstead Brand Strategist Success Coach Austin Tex


Brand Strategist & Success Coach

I help people unlock the Secret Sauce that will set their business or personal brand on fire. It’s human journey and that’s a good thing. Your greatest competitive asset is your passion and commitment. I offer a free brand assessment to get you started. 

To call Bob our superhero is an understatement. His “Jedi” senses are wickedly accurate. Our business has had lots of hights and lows, and with Bob’s guidance we continue to offer the kind of customer experience that used to live only in our dreams.
Jody & Sunday
Jody & Sunday Muniz
Business Owners - Retail
Purpose Passion Success Coach Austin Texas

Passion, Purpose & Meaning

Passion, Purpose, & Meaning Having passion in your life is important. It serves an important purpose. But that is vastly different than being a passionate person. The common assumption is

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