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You’re good at what you do. You're driven. Committed. Talented. But you have your hand in lots of stuff. You have more than one passion. Or maybe you’re a one man or one woman show that cherishes your freedom.

Do solo therapists, photographers, two person web design firms, creatives, others … typically build epic brands? Most don’t but they need to! But here's the deal, personal branding has it's own set of rules. 

How much money are you leaving on the table by not fully owning your personal brand? How much freedom? How much meaning? Perhaps the best time to deal with these issues is right here and right now. 

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The problem is never a lack of ideas, it’s too many ideas! How to get focused? How to prioritize? It’s just a matter of time before this tendency bites you in the butt.


While you may rebel against structure you get it’s importance. And honestly, you want and need stability with your freedom. It’s feast or famine and that needs to end. 


The highs and lows drive you nuts. It’s like you just can’t get your act together and you have no idea why? What's the deal? Where to turn for answers? The stress is constant.


Working for yourself can be consistently epic or it can be endlessly stressful. You can spend years barely surviving or you change your approach and thrive. It’s entirely up to you. 

How to claim your voice? How to unlock your full potential? And how to build an epic personal brand that delivers?

Bob has done nothing short of changing my life. I am a creative person and I was lost trying to find my way as I tried to build my acting school and theater. Bob showed by the way to take my creative energy and passion and use them to create systems that help me manifest the vision that I have for my business. Bob has taught me to get out of my head and into my heart and look at my business as another for of play.
Tom Booker
Tom Booker
Theater Owner

The Renegade Branding Intensive For Individuals

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  • Discovery
  • Purpose & Passion
  • Brand Experience Design
  • Branded Storytelling
  • Digital Marketing
  • Momentum Management

Time to blow up the apple cart! Ready? You can’t have it all and you can have it all. Confused? So is the rest of the world! Kind of like the YouTube dude who drives up in his Range Rover trying to sell you his system for wealth. YOU TOO, in just one month! Sigh.  

First of all, Range Rovers are ugly! More importantly, the average millionaire drives a Ford. Yep, a Ford. And like 90% are over 50. But EVEN MORE importantly, who cares? Its not about becoming a millionaire! So if that’s what you’re looking for, stop reading, good luck, not me. 

Still with me? Awesome! Let’s Let's talk about real world personal brand building without all the hype. 

(3) Big Reasons This Program Will Rock Your World


Finding your voice is the single most important ingredient to building a powerhouse personal brand. It’s not about becoming someone else or chasing external validation. It’s about doubling down on who you really are and what you really want.


The world of marketing is undergoing radical change. Embracing those changes will help you find your audience, build a fan base, and get your message out. Rather than feeling overwhelmed and left behind, you’ll feel empowered and moving forward.


Ok, that’s total B.S. BUT here’s the thing, it got your attention! Is your personal brand easy to forget or impossible to ignore? By anchoring your brand on a bold and original premise, you won’t get lost in the noise. People will get what you offer.

My first observation of the power of Bob’s work was at a free workshop he gave for business owners. He demonstrated an important lesson by asking a woman what her business was; she said some things and he yawned. He then asked her why she did it and her answer was much more interesting and complex – ‘I give children a voice.’ We all had goosebumps. I’ve been able to create some very strong messaging for my own business based on this teaching.
Barry Small Business Branding Austin TX
Karen Barry
Web Designer

The Renegade Branding Intensive: Here’s What You Get


We kick things off with a comprehensive review of everything that defines your personal brand. Your backstory, your passions, the ideas you’ve brought to life, your process, and more.


One project per month starting in month two. Coaching calls, worksheets, and online collaboration will take your voice and personal brand to a whole new level of impact.


Two coaching calls per month, your first running (90) minutes, all remaining calls running forty-five minutes each. This where the magic happens, where all of our work comes together.


In truth, full implementation will take between (9-12) months beyond our time together. But worry not! I’ll make sure you are fully prepared to succeed in the months to come.



All of our coaching work is handled over the phone. This will save you THOUSANDS of dollars on travel expenses and coaching fees without sacrificing results. 90% of my clientele are outside of my local market!


Throughout the process, we will collaborate online via a tool called, Glip. This allows me to give you ongoing support and feedback in between our coaching calls. It’s a game changer in terms getting the most from this program.


DISCOVERY: We kick things off with me doing a marketing & branding review before our first call. We follow that with an intake coaching session to do a deep dive on your personal brand. I do a little pondering, capturing my conclusons in a brief Cliff Notes doc, which we discuss during out last call of the month.


PURPOSE & PASSION: Our first branding project will help you find the kind of INTENSE purpose & passion that will transform your personal brand. Our first coaching call explores how you measure success. I then assign some worksheets around purpose and roles. Our final call of the month will help put all these insights to use.


BRAND EXPERIENCE DESIGN: Our second branding project will teach you how to create the kind of experiences that keeps them coming back for more. We kick things off with some homework in the form of a few worksheets, to make the key concepts real. We end with an extra long coaching/training session, to apply these powerful concepts to your personal brand. We do that by handcrafting a few brand experiences right then and there, no need to wait!


BRANDED STORYTELLING: Our third branding project will teach you how to tell epic stories about your personal brand. You'll begin with some homework and a few worksheets. We'll follow that with a quick call to cover basic concepts. Then more homework to find your (2) big stories. We wrap things up with a session on the various ways you can use your stories to powerfully market and to better connect with your audience and tribes.


DIGITAL MARKETING: Our fourth and final branding project will teach you the fundamentals to brand relevancy in the Digital Age. We begin with a coaching/training crash course to cover basic concepts. I will then create a simple Digital Action Plan to help you get started on this rather lengthy process. We wrap up with a coaching call to train you on how to implement your Digital Action Plan. This will include tips on automation and outsourcing specific to your brand.


IMPLEMENTATION: Our final month together will be focused solely on making things happen. To accomplish that, we'll kick things off with my Renegade Branding Checklist, a simple tool to guide impelementation. We then meet three weeks in a row to make it all happen: W1- Purpose, Passion, Culture & Launch, W2- Brand Experiences & Branded Storytelling, W3- Digital Marketing & Building Your Team

This Jedi master was able to unlock my inner powers. He knows how creative minds think, and he knows the ins and outs of business. I am a very passionate driven being and I am known to jump from one thing to another on raw passion. Bob was able to quickly reel me in, point it out and sort it out. I am grateful for Bob’s coaching.
Karim Business Coach Austin TX
Karim Curry
Social Entrepreneur & Digital Artist


$475 a month (or) A One Time Free Of $2,400 (a $450 Savings)

Branding Consultant Success Coach Austin Fort Wayne San Francisco

The (6) Big Takeaways From This Branding Program


You will no longer worry about getting left behind. The path to brand relevancy will be crystal clear. You’ll be well on your way to becoming a competitive personal brand in the digital age.


Rather than constantly trying to keep up, you will start setting the standard. You’ll become the thought leader that others look to for wise insights and counsel. 


Your days of working versus building will be behind you. With a fire in your belly and a purpose in your heart, you will know exactly what you’re creating and how to bring it to life.


Replacing good service with real connection will no longer be a mystery. You’ll know how to connect with contractors, customers, and your audience in a way they will never forget.


Where once your brand whispered, your personal brand will now proclaim. No longer shy and well behaved, your unshackled story and message will become unforgettable. 


Endless toil and struggle. Long hours that never end. As you modernize, the gears of effective, optimal branding start to organically drive better results with far less struggle. 

The greatest advantage to having Bob in your life is that he calls bullshit on you in the kindest of ways when you get distracted from your path. If you take a moment and think about the list of people in YOUR life that can offer you that clarity-and truly with your very best intentions at heart, the list is-well, for me-very short. I called my time with Bob “reality-based consulting” because it kept me grounded as I built a business I love with a solid foundation thanks to his guidance.
Marg Marketing Coach Austin TX
Margaret Connor
Wellness Consultant


$475 a month (or) A One Time Free Of $2,400 (a $450 Savings)


Am I on my own after the six months?

Beyond what I noted in the previous question, you will be able to prepay for one-on-one coaching with me as needed. The number of slots are limited, so a little patience is required, but it is rarely a problem. 

What size businesses do you typically work with?

My personal branding clientele are all over the map in terms of their size. Some clients have full time jobs that pay them 50K a year, while they work with me to launch their first business. Others fly solo, earning between 60-125K. And others have small practices doing 200K plus. 

What experience do you have doing brand strategy?

My experience in branding is extensive and includes decades of experience.  I have run national marketing campaigns. I have been a Creative Director. I’ve managed two ad agencies, one of them I owned. And I worked for myself as a high profile management consultant for (12) years. To learn more, check out my About page. 

Will implementation really take an additional (9-18) months?

The purpose of this program is to rapidly install a few powerhouse fundamentals. What commonly takes years, we accomplish in just six months. But bringing those fundamentals to life will take time, hard work and consistency. There are no silver bulllets or quick fixes. If someone tells you there is, they are lying to you.

The good news is, so what? Meaning, so it takes some time to go from good to great. No big deal! It's all good and regardless, your level of personal satisfaction will soar from this program right out of the gate. 

I don’t have a lot of extra time, maybe the timing isn’t right?

When a potential client tells me that I immediately know, the tail is wagging the dog. Sorry, but it’s true. The truth is, you will never have enough time and the “right time” will never appear. If it’s important enough, you will make the time.

That said, I have designed this program to be minimally invasive. Meaning, it offers a lot of impact without requiring insane hours. As with anything in life, it’s what your make of it. If you make this program a high priority, you’ll get great results. 

That seems like a lot to cover in six months?

Agreed. So rather than slowly and perfecty taking each step, the focus is on installing a few powerhouse fundamentals. Kind of like planting seeds in a garden. The key, then, is to tend to the seeds you've planted. 

There will be times when it feels like a bit much but that will be rare. And honestly, getting great results should require a little sacrifice. The prize is always relative to the price. 

How do I get started?

Drop me an email and tell a little bit about yourself. What do you hope we accomplish with this program? To contact me, just click on any of the gold colored buttons on this page, or visit my contact page. When I reply, I’ll send you the link to my online scheduling portal, so you can schedule your free brand assessment.


$475 a month (or) A One Time Free Of $2,400 (a $450 Savings)

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