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What Kind Of Moments Do You Specialize In?

If you own a business, social enterprise, or a creative practice, you specialize in moments. If you're a therapist, a yoga instructor, a personal trainer, or a fire fighter, you specialize in moments.

The ER doc that saves lives while offering a comforting hand. The parents that refuse to rush through life. The chef that shares a story and a drink with guests. The magic of life, the magic of branding, is always found in the moments.  

So I'll ask you the question again. What kind of moment's do you specialize in? Do you deliver forgettable moments?  Good moments? Or do you deliver the kind of moments that people never forget?

Moment crafting requires seeing the world in slow motion. That’s how you notice all the little nuances that trigger big reactions. Moment crafting in slow motion.

Pick your favorite coffee house. Go there in your mind but slow things way down. Take in all the sensations and information.

What smells jump out at you? Write them all down.

What sounds? What colors and shapes stand out? Be specific. Capture every micro-detail.

What’s the vibe of this coffeehouse and how do they bring that vibe to life? Again, be very specific. Capture every detail. 

One of my favorite coffehouses is a local dive by the name of Bennu. Key in on the term “local dive”. Here is why that distinction is important.

#1) I must like “dive” places.

#2) There must be a reason for this. 

#3) Not all dive coffee houses are equal, some win me over, some don’t. 

So if I’m thinking about opening up a dive styled coffeehouse, I’ll want to pay attention to those details. In fact, I’ll want to get really good at those details, heightening all the elements that my audience most craves. 

And sometimes the nuances are unseen. Ever notice the fact that you've never seen trash falling out of trash cans at Disneyland? Nor have you ever seen them emptied? That’s not by accident. It's just the Disney way. 

When your brain stops seeing trash or decay, or any other type of urban blight, it draws a conclusion. This place is different, special even. “The Magic Kingdom”. It rings as true. This is, indeed, a magic kingdom. 

What kind of moments do your customers, kids, patients, and/or audience most crave? Most need? Most long for? What nuances will rise above customer service to deliver the kind of moments they will never forget?

Everyone is in the moments business whether they realize it or not. How good are you at noticing the moments?

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Let’s take a closer look.

Experience design is like riding an elevator beneath the surface, into the hidden worlds most never see. The deeper you go, the more discoveries you make.

You will find the vast majority of your competitors on the ground floor. Nothing particularly exciting happening on this level. This is the status quo.

One to two levels below the surface, you'll find the best practices crowd. Strong organizations that are good at what they do. They are REALLY GOOD at the status quo. They dip their toes into moment crafting but it's not the main attraction.

But go a few levels below that and you’re going to start running into elves, Santa’s Workshop, and Willy Wonka. Let me explain.

Remember my comment about the trash at Disney? Ever wonder how they do it?  Underneath each trash can is a tube that links to a vast vaccum powered system. Every  (20) minutes, poof, the trash disappears!

When you’re wandering around Disneyland, your brain never consciously questions it. But make no mistake, nothing is being missed. Your brain get’s the fact that something is afoot.

Let’s make all this real to your business, nonprofit, creative enterprise, whatever the case might be. Yep, we’re getting into an elevator. What floor will you get off on?

  1. Describe in painstaking detail, what the “ground floor” looks like in your industry. Be very specific. Hold nothing back.
  2. Describe in painstaking detail, what the second and third floor looks like in your industry. These are the Best Practices types of organizations. Again, be specific.
  3. Describe in painstaking detail, what the fourth and fifth floor looks like in your industry. These are the Renegades setting your industry on fire. What's their Secret Sauce?

Suddenly, the elevator stops being a metaphor and it becomes something else. It becomes something real that you can access.

What moments do you specialize in?

Answer that question and then head on down to levels four or five. It should be one hell of a ride!

All eternity is in the moment

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