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(3) Things You Can Learn From Rock Star Creatives

The one thing that all highly creative entrepreneurs, artists, professionals have in common is steadfast resolve. That's the hallmark quality they all share. No matter what, creative rock stars have that one quality in common.

J.K. Rowling. Massimo Bottura. Steve Jobs. Many others.

But to what end? There is much more to steadfast resolve than meets the eye. Three lessons light the way.

Truth #1: Your talent may not be there yet! There is a vast difference between talent and marketable talent. Moving from one to the other takes time and hard work. It will not happen overnight. Give your talent the time it needs.

Truth #2: You may have more experimenting to do. Even if your talent is soaring, that doesn't mean you've found your niche. Producing signature work requires playing the long game. Give yourself the time that you need to find your sweet spot.

Truth #3: You may need to learn how to properly brand yourself. Turning yourself into a brand, especially in a way that you're comfortable with, can be an awkward process. Lot's of trial and error. Don't rush it! Give your brand room to breath.

And even when you're rocking all three of those areas, guess what? It's on to the next round of discoveries. The next round of growth. Risk will be involved. It's a circle of life kind of thing. That's how rock star creatives do what they do.

Steadfast resolve. Drink it up by the gallons

Creativity is intelligence having fun

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