To Live Your Truth Is To Know Your Truth

Bob Olmstead
March 29, 2019

All hell breaks loose and rather than crumble; you stand your ground. Exhausted, nothing left to give, but you still take the kids to get ice cream. When the world demands silence, you raise your voice.

That’s living your truth.

Well behaved. Toeing the line. The status quo. Safe but no thanks. You got bigger fish to fry. It sounds egotistical but it’s not. Life is too short for polite bullshit. That won’t build a brand that changes lives.

Things need to be said, so say them. Rules need to be broken, so break them. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Speak up. If people don’t like it, that’s not about you. It’s about them.

That’s living your truth.

If you want to make the world a better place, you can’t do that with a whisper. Nobody will hear you or even know that you exist. Value your voice enough to raise it. Fight for the things you believe in.

For years, I thought my truth was the shame I felt from a broken childhood, so I overcompensated. Then I thought my life was about success, so I became a warrior in business. I was always looking. Searching.

I partied like it was 1999. I had the world by the tail. I owned an ad agency and later, a consulting practice. And even then, I was never satisfied. Even when the money flowed. Even when my brand soared.

Then, I got on an airplane.

No big deal.

I had gotten on a lot of airplanes.

But this time, looking out the tiny window, snow gently falling, I could feel myself coming loose at the seams. Tears welled up.

What in the Sam Hell? Business warriors don’t cry! On planes! My truth was knocking on the door. Loudly. All the things I had long avoided.

Not long after, I cashed out.

I walked away from the only career I had ever known. I walked away from prestige. Security. Money. I walked away from all of it and I did so without a plan. That made things interesting.

A blind leap of faith.

That’s living your truth.

P.S: I don’t recommend the “without a plan” part.

Your truth won’t be found in a purpose or mission statement. It won’t be found by clarifying your values or passions. All valuable, to be sure, but these are the by-products of your truth– blossoms on the tree. They are not the soil.

Your truth is every moment that you’ve lived. It’s every chapter of your life, from birth until today. The good. The not so good. It’s the truths that define your life and inform your decisions.

It is all that you have become and all that you could be.

How to unlock the potential of a blossom without understanding the soil that gives it life? You are your truth and your truth is your soil. You are the roots and tree trunk that has stood the test of time. Everything else is just cream off the top.

To truly know your truth is to go on a pilgrimage around the core concepts found in The Changemaker Manifesto. Few do this sacred work. The ones that do often become household names.

Food for thought,


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