Be real. Be relentless. Unleash your Brand Magic.

Bob Olmstead
March 31, 2019

Do your words jump off the page? Does your advice shatter that status quo? Is your social brand making a difference? Is your creative work breaking the silence?

Branding for changemakers is not about getting rich. It’s about something deeper. It’s the art of building a brand that changes lives. Are you doing that? Are you changing people’s lives?

Fundamental to the art is knowing why you exist as a brand. Why did you launch your brand? Why now? Why you? Sales funnels. Fancy logos. Killer websites. None of those things will deliver the answers you seek.

Watch a few episodes of Chef’s Table on Netflix. Or study your favorite self-help writers or conscious capitalists. What do they all have in common? They know who they are and they have something to say through their craft.

They handcrafted their brand from their truth. They persevered. They never gave up because this “thing” they were doing was some they HAD to do. I talk about these concepts in The Changemaker Manifesto.

Building an extraordinary brand takes (5) things: knowing your tribes, common ground with those tribes, a captivating message, compelling offers, and consistently epic experiences.

And it takes two types of kindling: Truth & Fire.

Here is another important distinction. Changemakers measure success by making the world a better place on some level. Little things. Big things.

If that’s you, glad to make your acquaintance! Helping change makers is what my firm is all about. But here’s the problem. The competition is steep. Only the best version of yourself will be enough to monetize that kind of brand.

Take note of what I didn’t say.

I didn’t say that only the perfect version would be enough, I said the best version. Always being “on,” not being transparent and real, will crush your brand.

How to be human and epic at the same time? Back to Chef’s Table, the show I mentioned earlier.

Most of the chefs in the show are stunningly imperfect just like you and me. And they are very transparent with that fact. But here’s the big takeaway, they are relentless in their pursuit of “a thing”, an idea, a vision.

They don’t let their imperfections clog the drain.

You now have the formula for success. Just do those (5) things and you’ll become the best version of yourself. Your brand will rock. Right? Not if you skip past the “kindling” part. That’s the Secret Sauce.

Brand Magic runs deep. It’s an unrelenting need to do a thing. And that “thing” is often not clear at first. You just know ya got to do it so you keep at it.

Extraordinary brands reveal themselves over time. At first, you’ll only get a glimpse. But trust me, you have it in you, this thing that needs to be done, so keep digging. Do your thing.

But like all things in life, building an extraordinary brand takes time.

One day, your brand could touch many lives but it needs room to breathe. It needs room to grow. And you need room to breathe and grow. So do that, give yourself and your brand a little room.

And have faith … in yourself as an imperfect being … in your brand which has yet to fully reveal itself.

Ever heard of that activist retail brand that fights for the environment? (Patagonia) What about the researcher that helps people own their truth? (Brene Brown) Or the chef that transformed a bus stop with a racist history into a symbol of progress? (Mashama Bailey)

All of these rockstar brands took time.

None of them were born from some get rich quick system.

And all of them took hard work.

While most of us will never become a Patagonia or a Mashama Bailey, we can learn from them. We can take note of the fact they never gave in or gave up. And they never stopped being accessible as human beings.

Be real. Be relentless. Unleash your Brand Magic.

Food for thought,


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